Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why This Blog? is simple really, this blog is a result of my having discovered my artistic niche and wanting to blog about it from its beginning!

Even though I am a descendant of quite a few painters, I have never picked up the paintbrush except to doodle and fill in color on other things I was working it came as a surprise to me when I made this discovery, it truly was a life changing moment!

I have just returned from Artfest which was held in Port Townsend, Washington this past week...and it was there that I discovered my ability to paint! I took a class called Three Letter Words taught by the wonderful Jill Berry from Colorado. If you ever have a chance to take a class with her, never, never, never hesitate to do so!!!

I never really knew how relaxing art could be in the zone was wonderful and it just felt "right" from the moment the brush hit the!

I will post pics once I have a chance to photograph my paintings...and will post others from Artfest too.