Thursday, April 21, 2011

Artfest Art Journal

Ugh, I really do not like the way you have to upload pics on Blog Spot, seems like no matter how I do it, I end up with the first pic I want to post on the bottom of the entry!

Anyway, here are the pages that I mentioned in my last post. It seems I have been too long away from blogging that I cannot figure out how to add pics to a previous post!

These pictures are of my Artfest journal from 2009, I just started working in it a few weeks ago, yeah, slow at moving, but finally underway!
Layered tissue, napkins and old sewing patterns collaged with Gloss Medium and favorite class at Artfest that year as is was a technique only class and no pressure to produce a finished product! YaY!
I used printouts of the basic information about Artfest as the background...sorry so blurry!
An unfinished page but thought I would add a picture of it anyway as I really like the mood and the color combo. I used construction paper to cut out a template for a tree, then used the template as an added tree in the spread.
This is the direct result of not liking the way the page was turning out and hitting it with black gesso! I had other paper attached to the pages which bubbled up when painted over so I ripped it all off and then just tossed on color and a bit of journaling.
Here is the picture that should have been first in line! Ugh, the central image was a business postcard from Karen O'Brien.
This is the day that Artfest began...roaming around town waiting to go to register for the event! We really did have a blast and seems like we headed to town each day after class to hit the local art store!

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  1. I like that tree page, with the stenciling! The colors are nice. I like your jester page, too. these are all fun, and I think you'll like having a chronicle like this!

    It's a learning curve with Blogger, but I have learned that I only upload one photo at a time, then attach it into the post window, then make sure my cursor is moved down a line or two before uploadiing another picture. If I do them all at once, they come out in reverse order. I mean, you can still drag them up where they should be, but it's MUCh harder that way. I always add them one at a time in order, and then put in the text. Or, I will write the text first, then move lines apart far enough to place the photo. Just put your cursor in that blank space between lines before you try to paste the photo. I don't like dragging them into the right position, so I use the cursor as my guide.

    am I still talking?