Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Waters

Okay, so since I have been really, really quiet, I have decided that I need to start posting! I know I said I would post updates after Artfest last year, but to be quite honest, things became quite a mess and I never got around to doing any more art! Not sure if it was ADD or the fact that I got really sidetracked by online gaming, or perhaps senility, maybe all three, but it definitely was not an art focused year like I had planned.

Two years ago, I came home with all this fodder and trades and pictures and memories with the intention of blogging about Artfest 2009, but it never happened. Said fodder has been wasting away in my dust filled studio since then with fodder from Artfest 2010 added to the pile! I have now fixed that and for the last few weeks I have finally been working on an art journal built around Artfest 2009. It is not quite done but it is getting there and I will edit this post with pictures in a day or so.

My NEW adventure is that I have signed up for an online course with Traci Bautista! Today was the first day and I actually sat down and did nothing but doodle for about an hour! Now, mind you, what I did was not all that fantastic, but it was the process that surprised was actually meditative and calming and I found myself loosing track of time and place, a very weird thing for me and my type A personality!

I will post pics of my little 5X7 doodles when I upload pics from the Artfest journal I am working on too.

I think I am finally on a roll! :) Peace

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