Monday, April 25, 2011

Some doodles

Here are a few images I have been working on the last few days from Traci Bautista's class Creative Doodles. We were suppose to look at the "painted papers" and discover the images hidden among the paint. The red/orange one is pretty straight forward, most in the class saw the obvious flowers. I may go back into this particular page and do some more work at a later date and if so I will post update of it.

The second page was a different story! Many people looked at it and saw flower images...not sure how they did really...every time I looked to see and hunt for the flowers myself, I just kept seeing all these squiggly faces and underwater creatures, large and small...wonder what that says about me? In a way, hate to ask! hehe


  1. Love your underwater world! I also don't see how people are seeing flowers and leaves in that one lol. Maybe just bad babies see water! lol

  2. hehe I think you must be right Cheryl...that is how you can tell REAL Bad Babies from the pretend ones! :P

  3. LOL are there pretend Bad Babies out there...or just Bad Baby wannabees? HeeHee