Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ohhh I like this!

I really like this technique a lot and probably will use black paper more in the future.

What you do is write out the alphabet in a continuous line using a fine white pen, turning the paper as you go so that it ends up circling the outer border of your page. If you look closely, you can see at the bottom of the page where my a,b,c,d etc goes. (especially if you enlarge the photo)

After you have your alpha down, you just pic a spot and begin doodling using various types of pens, glitter, metallic, gel, etc. Then once satisfied with the general doodles, you begin coloring in. I used Prismacolor pencils to color with as well as a Sharpie Poster Paint pen to write with. This is my favorite drawing to date. What do you guys think?


  1. I agree, this is a wonderful technique and I just love how the colors pop! I have been using Prismacolor pencils for years but never thought they would show up so well on black paper...I guess since other pencils don't!
    Love your alphabet! It is hard for me to do this though, my handwritting is horrible lol

  2. I love this, too! and it's great working with black surfaces sometimes! Especially if you have metallics!

    You did this up really pretty!